About Us

Mission: We are an outdoor sports family business, specialized in deep nature immersions. We work under strict safety regulations and a maximum of environmental and social positive impacts.

Values: Empathy, Creativity and Excellence.

Empathy within our guests, followers and relatives. Creativity at the moment of developing unique programs and content, having a clear focus in problem-solving, in a resourceful way. Excellence at the moment of saying: we want you to have so much fun that the only way to explain it is calling it SuperFun. And again Excellence, in the sense that we offer you some day half day tour, but you might as well get a friend in this far part of the world.  

You might remember us for life and still want to go back, we want you to have the best time of your life with us!

We hope to be the kind of people you want to find when your tour guide shows up, we want to be genuine and inspire you with the highlights nature has to offer us.

Basically Chile is a narrow but really diverse country, please contact us if there is a specific kind of expedition you might want to do. Chile is also a small country, fortunately we have been in the outdoor media and business for so long that we know the best guides of each discipline, you can be a big family and we will make sure everyone is happy. 

Are planning something harder? something like climbing in Patagonia, freeskiing the andes or surfing Punta de Lobos when it is big and you need a professional guide to make you feel safe and comfortable? please give us a call.

We are natural persons, living non-conventional lives, as many other world travelers seeking happiness. We laugh about simple things, we really enjoy the essence of being alive in every moment.

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