Natural and Cultural History outdoor learning Take a deep biotic immersion into Punta de Lobos World Surfing Reserve and the Chilean countryside cultural heritage. Volunteer for the Punta de Lobos Foundation. Learn to camp outside with your own available resources as a team. Surf and Stand up Paddle with Superfun Chile experts. Discover Chilean hidden traditions from the […]
El Rebote Sabio. La toma de decisiones en los deportes Outdoor es un tema que poco se toca, y sin embargo nos parece necesario destacarlo. Se trata de una historia real, de cómo a través de los años vamos puliendo no sólo movimientos técnicos y duros en la escalada. Como hemos escuchado de los antiguos, […]
NIDO Week Without Walls 2018 (5th to 10th of November 2018) Day 1 (Monday) 7:30 AM; Meet at the school packed and ready to go. Transfer to Pichilemu´s base camp at Hotel Alaia. 11:30 AM; Surf Introduction lesson. 2:00 PM: Project awareness and brunch at base camp, camp settlement and teams organization. We will introduce the guides […]
Celebrando un nuevo ciclo… Fotos por; Valentina Carvallo, textos Milo Huerta. Este año 2015 ha sido bien especial, llevamos 2 años full time entre expediciones, documentación, marketing y ventas; y mucha gestión ambiental. Este fin de semana no fue la excepción, tenemos grandes logros en términos de prototipos de activaciones mediante programas educativos de inmersión […]
Nota Camino al aeropuerto: Once i run out of battery on my phone, I can think clearly; to stop doing things like putting all eggs possible in the basket, it even feels like time stops. It feels like I can breathe deeply and give up the “doing” and start just being for a few minutes. […]
This is our most delightful work to do for us, please follow us in this little story telling about our work as co-teachers with Mr. Kurt Heidinger, at this time it is a pleasure to announce we have students from University of Masachusets getting credits as Biocitizen‘s  Now Voyager Field Environmental Philosophy outdoor course. This consists of a […]
University of Masachusets intern Emmet Taylor has learned Outdoor Arts with us that is a fact! It is amazing after a month of a work-tsunami looking back how valuable experience we have gained in the exploration of a college program as a bi-national exchange in field environmental philosophy. Just to explain a bit, when you ask me with […]
Superfun and Oceanos Chile collaborating together for a common goal! After some years of huge efforts, we have started our business scaling plan; and so we are now a global Business! Friendship and business: Something kind of pretext to go to the beach we started with our friend Ismael Herreros at Universidad Andres Bello by 2003 as […]
Spirulina, el alimento del milenio en las Artes Outdoor. Compartiremos contigo, los resultados de un experimento que hicimos en nuestra outdoor performance relacionado a la super-alimentación con microalgas, específicamente Spirulina Sports y Raw de Aquasolar. Desde siempre hemos sentido una atracción semi-obsesiva por darle a nuestro cuerpo lo que precisamente necesita para romper nuestro límite, […]
Southernmost Sublime Experience in Cape Horn  Bridging Humanities and Science with Biosophy: the Wisdom of Life. Milo Huerta`s Report at University of North Texas, 2007. An example of encounter between cultures and where they were born. A sublime experience can be described, but the only way to actually understand it is by living it. This […]

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