Within a busy day life, it gets harder as we grow to quit everything, grab your surfboard and go on a surf trip. Years pass, and we get comfy and tricky, but the no return point some time comes and you just say : “I´m Going south, no matter what”. Postponing the decision at that […]
Why being sad? Douglas Tompkins has just left our living form, in his law, having lived a life full of effort and giving. On this Doug Tompkins Legacy Post; we want to first highlight all of our support, cherish, and blesses to his family, before we keep going with this greeting note to a very […]
Chile is superfun, nature is super fun, life is superfun!We invite you to discover passionating stories on exploration; the work that we do is somehow totally planned but still nature decides for us the surprises that we get. Here you will find some reports with inspiring photographs and videos made by ourselves or our favorite […]

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