Our Philosophy

We have the same policy that took Southwest Airlines to a huge success; we “hire for attitude and train the skills”.

After a while trying to do almost everything one person, we realized we needed to build a solid team; since our services are depending so much in the people you deal with, we decided to train the most talented, happy, and motivated people we could find between hundreds of professionals.

We are a family staff, led by common values, motivation and purposes. We merge the best of the world ski tour, the big wave surfing culture, and our passion for rock climbing and mountaineering; if you pot that together, what is that? Outdoor Arts.



I became a guide at the age of 5 years old, exploring with friends and family in the wilderness. Since then, I have been full time guiding interpretive tours, adventures and expeditions in Chile, Brazil, California and Australia. After studying Ecotourism lived for 2 years in Torres del Paine National Park, learning the know-how from Explora Patagonia, which led to a unique internship in Yosemite National Park. By 2010 founded the outdoor tours area in Matetic Vineyards and moved on to Australia to spend a winter in Indonesia, right before the Blue Mountains for a whole spring and summer and then Fiji right before starting Superfun Chile back home in Zapallar, in 2015 moved permanently to Pichilemu and surf Punta de Lobos every time its big … The uniqueness of my guiding comes from merging intuitively my passion with a continuous learning spiral.



Benjamin cannot imagine life without sport. Desde los 3 años ligado a la montaña y el ski, in which he got important awards in 5 years in the Chilean ski Selection. Nowdays he shares his passion for the outdoors, both as a ski coach and also working at Superfun Chile as a guide. He has explored Chile extensively, being his interests rock climbing, our rich culture, and skiing, of course. Consistantly getting better, he continues traiting himself and getting more certifications, he highlights for a unique leadership capability having a day-by-day superation spirit to live in more harmony with nature. He is certified in Level I American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (2015)



From early childhood Valentina Heard the call of the mountains and the outdoor arts, mainly skiing. Lawyer as a profession, she has been over a decade teaching kids to ski, and lately has invested some years getting certified as a backcountry ski guide, learning extensively about avalanche prevention while exploring the Chilean Andean Volcanos. She transmits her passion for the natural world through guiding and managing lots of Superfun Operations, company that woke up her interest for nature ́s protection and conservation. Valentina is also photographer and for her the key of succes is excellence. Certifications: Instructor level 1 ENISCHAG, Avalanche prevention course level I American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (2015) y Primeros Auxilios Cruz Roja Chilena.



A lifetime in the mountains, and many years as a representative of the Chilean Ski Team going from Europe to North America has given Nico a remarkable international career of success. His passion for the outdoors has evolved into new ways of joy like surfing and tourism. Nicolas can be found in the Andes forming new ski champions, in conjunction with teaching surf and environmental education with Superfun. He has successfully completed his studies at Universidad de Chile as a Business Administration Major (mention in human resources, finances and marketing, and a minor in economy), First Aid Courses, Teaching sports pedagogy and Ski Coaching the Junior Olympic Chilean Team. For Nico, team working is the base of success.

Thanks for your Review

We hope you like our performance, guiding is such a holistic discipline that we are in a permanent evolutionary learning process, that is why your feedback is so important. Our main KPI is your reviews, so please tell us how we can get better.

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