Expedición Isla Navarino junto a Biocitizen

Nota Camino al aeropuerto:

Once i run out of battery on my phone, I can think clearly; to stop doing things like putting all eggs possible in the basket, it even feels like time stops. It feels like I can breathe deeply and give up the “doing” and start just being for a few minutes.

In the bus, I pull out my ipad with no wifi, and in this century it feels like a piece of paper I could write on.

This adventure is quite a task, motivated by Dr. Kurt Heidinger to search for outdoor classrooms we will fly tonight to Punta Arenas where we will spend the night nearby the airport and then tomorow morning see our Yaghan friends for the first time in quite a long time. It feels so exciting just thinking of paddling where the Yaghans paddled for milleniums, and totally fly out of times in visions where I would not know if plaback them in slow motion or drawing them in black and white… Maybe both are a good idea, maybe we find something interesting, maybe hiking boots are a good idea and maybe not… Who knows? Since we are unique there is no-one to ask, we need to know and thats why we are going.

Logystics? What is that!? We will go Puerto Williams style, use our senses and our hability to persuade the Armada, since specially there we just have to make them feel like they are the bosses and w will go as far as they let us go, just like Fueguia Basket asking Mr. Fitroy how far we can go…

We will be in a precious search of Jemmy Button’s home, and fortunately Kurt knows all of Darwins manuscripts by memory, every word, I dont even need to carry my AldoLeopold book I just left out of the backpack, 4 minutes before the bus was leaving.

This time, it all changes, its more fun, more exciting because the reason why I accepted going on this trip is because I want our baby to breathe the Beagle Channel even before being born, thats the first gift and second, I want Valentina to drink the purest water on earth, considering the prompt; “where you are is who you are” I want the waters of Robalo Lake, of the sacred Omora Park to run trough the blood of our family again. If there is still a drop in my DNA, if there is a tiny molecule of water in my body left after years i tried it, then it will keep flowing in our deeams.

I want to also speak about that yellow light hiting those lichen forests, with that glassy waters in front of snowy peaks, in a more subtile level, I want to invade Valentina’s and baby’s light bodies to be invaded by that picture, to get them in the picture and to remember that forever. I could be exagerating, but thats what I like about the writing world, that it may or may not be a space of freedom. I dont really care if what I am saying is “accurate”, since I gave up the dream of being a scientist. As I remember now my brother Diego told me once, “experience is the mother of science”.

…. On the way to Re-pack to Santiago, about 15 minutes delta I have, as time just stopped, then I can get abstract for a half an hour before I “land” into the expedition or even into the Matrix.

OK, breathe… Drink, eat, sleep… Please Emilio!

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